Energetix products were created with your safety and well-being in mind. Our products are manufactured to the highest cGMP standards, which ensures the purity and potency of the remedies you select for you and your family. No matter which combination of products your health care practitioner selects for you, Energetix' homeopathic and botanical remedies and our powerful nutritional line are designed to work in harmony with one another and with your unique biochemical and energetic needs.

Energetix Phyto Cal-Mag Plus
Energetix Colon Clear
Energetix Drainage-Tone
Energetix Kidney-Tone
Energetix Lymph-Tone II
Energetix Adrenal-Tone
Energetix Thyropath
Energetix Rescue Calm
Energetix Rehydration
Energetix Phyto Rad
Energetix MycoCan-Chord
Energetix Field of Flowers
Energetix Sinus-Tone
Energetix Metal-Chord
Energetix Inflamma-Tone
Energetix Viru-Chord
Energetix ThyroForce
Energetix Phyto B Complex
Energetix Lymph-Tone III
Energetix Flu-Tone
Energetix Flora 12+
Energetix Core Berberine Blend
Energetix Relax-Tone
Energetix Pure Body Clear
Energetix Lymph-Tone I
Energetix Hypothalmapath
Energetix Bacteria-Chord
Energetix SpectraMin
Energetix Relief-Tone
Energetix Hepatic-Tone
Energetix GALT-Immune Sold out
Energetix Flora Synergy
Energetix Core Olive Leaf Extract
Energetix Core Maca Gold
Energetix Catalyst-U
Energetix Catalyst-7

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